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Removal Van Ilford ig1

Professional Moving Van Hire in Ilford

Here at Removal Companies Ilford we understand that for many people in the IG1, IG2 areas, hiring a moving van is a practical solution when taking on the task of moving home or studio. This is why for many years we have been providing our clients with reliable and outstanding van hire services. With our professional and highly-qualified staff and our modern removal vans, you can be sure to get the job done with efficiency and speed.

Not only is our moving van hire service a great option when relocation is on the cards, but also when there are other tasks that require movement such as transporting items to another location or reaching decluttering goals. Our man and van services offer the possibility of being able to transport smaller scale items without any need for a truck or lorry which makes things much easier and saves time.

When it comes down to selecting the size of your moving truck, here at Removal Companies Ilford we have various options available to accommodate all sorts of requirements. From compact vans to larger ones, our vehicles are all up-to-date models and come with manufacturer warranties in place for extra peace of mind. All you will need to do is provide an appropriate driving license prior to hire and you can be ready to go in no time.

Our moving van services prices vary depending on type of vehicle and duration of rental, size and use. Get in touch with us today either by phone on Call Now! or via email at info@Removal Companies and ask one of our friendly members about our Ilford moving van hire service for further information about costs, availability and terms & conditions.

Selecting The Right Moving Van For Your Needs In Ilford

At Removal Companies Ilford, we know that renting a moving van isn't all plain sailing and there are several elements to consider when making your selection. When it comes down to choosing between bigger vans such as the Luton box vans or the smaller compact vans there are various factors that must be taken into consideration.

Size matters: if you don't want to make multiple trips then opt for the larger option if it fits within your budget. However if your needs are no too complex you could go for the smaller model which usually is more convenient when manoeuvring through tight streets with sharp turns, not often encountered with larger vans.

Type: does your move need certain facilities? If so then make sure you check out what each model offers prior to deciding one way or another. It’s important that you rent the correct type of moving vehicle so that you can effectively deal with any potential issue that may arise during transit in Ilford .

Fuel Economy: this is probably one significant factor when it comes down to choosing the right size of removal van from Removal Companies Ilford. Given that this factor has a direct impact on cost, make sure that you compare fuel economy across different models before making a final decision.

Premium Moving Van Hire Service In IG1 And IG2 Districts Of Ilford In Greater London

We understand that every move needs special attention, and thus here at Removal Companies Ilford we ensure all our vans are regularly serviced, hygienically clean inside out and road worthy on delivery so that your journey passes without any issues whatsoever.. Our Ilford based team will always provide total guidance and help throughout the entire process starting from understanding your requirements up until delivery of the vehicle back at our station.

So whether you are looking for short term man & van rentals or need an extended hire period - just let us know what works best with your schedule - We are happy to oblige! Just call us on Call Now! or email us at info@Removal Companies today for more details about our removal van services in Ilford both for domestic moves and business ones across IG1 & IG2 districts.

Cost-effective Prices Offered by One of the Greatest Removal Companies Ilford

Trust our top removals company in Ilford to give you amazing services at prices that everyone can afford!

Transit Van 1 Man 2 Men
Per hour /Min 2 hrs/ from £60 from £84
Per half day /Up to 4 hrs/ from £240 from £336
Per day /Up to 8 hrs/ from £480 from £672


Carla J.

Despite having some delicate pieces of furniture, thanks to the careful packing done by the movers, everything arrived at my new home undamaged.

G. Shawcross

The movers on our team were highly skilled and experienced professionals who made our relocation a seamless process.

Katherine Stone

The quote proposed was impartially determined and the conduct displayed during the relocation embodied a balance of skillfulness and amiability. The two movers showcased proficiency, generosity, and understanding.

Orson Richards

An incredibly impressive packing and removal service. Used them twice and will return to them should the need arise again in the future. Can honestly say I highly recommend this business.

Matt Gregg

Highly proficient movers. Punctual, hardworking and polite service. The process has been extremely efficient so far. Much appreciated.

Finn. S

It was such an honor to work with you. The workers were great, and I enjoyed seeing them do smooth work.

Jim W.

The house moving team Ilford Removal Company sent us were terrific, put our minds to rest straight away. They were efficient, polite, and the standard of service was extremely high. It made for a stress-free moving experience.


Thank you RemovalCompaniesIlford, for the removal help you provided last week.